Research & Competition Club

The purpose of this research club is to manage the students’ interests in researches both are academic research and general research.

Students are expected to be able to take on the existing phenomena in the society and create solutions for things that exist especially in economic issues. In addition, students are also invited to compete in a scientific paper that will be contested in the local or national competitions.

English Club

The need for language development especially English is absolutely essential today. Therefore, by English Club students are expected to have a good ability in global communication.

The communication is not only general communication but also economic communication. English Club is also a means for students to interact in both academics and non academics so they can face up the global challenges.

Capital Market

Investment becomes a very important factor in contributing to national economy. Stock Corner is a place for students to learn the ins and outs of investment, especially in the financial sector, namely capital market.

Students are taught to know what are stocks, stock exchanges, and investments. They are also equipped with training on how to trade stocks online. Through this Student Activity Unit (UKM), students are expected to have abilities in assessing and placing investor funds in the stock market.


This Student Activity Unit (UKM) aims to grow entrepreneurial interest among students. Students are given training on how to make creative and innovative products that can provide solutions for the society and able to sell the products to both local and international market.

Nature Lovers Student (Mapala)

UKM Mapala of STIE SBI Yogyakarta was established as a means to unite students who tend to have the same hobby to know and love nature. In addition to be social activities in the nature, Mapala STIE SBI also participates to always preserve the environment around.

Some activities that have been done in Mapala STIE SBI are Diksa Mapala training, tree planting, coastal and cave rafting, climbing some mountains in Central Java and Yogyakarta regions.


In a healthy body there will be a strong soul as well. This motto is always highlighted in the Student Activity Unit of Sport (UKM Olahraga) in STIE SBI Yogyakarta. Besides functioned as a sport facility with the goal achievement, it also functioned as familiarity activities between lecturers, staffs, and students through the sports such as Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton, and Futsal.


By the name of Paduan Suara Mahasiswa - PSM Harmoni, hopefully it can be a harmony for this Student Activity Unit which has members of about 50 people.
Experience in the choir competition for Volk Choir category in Dikti V region of Yogyakarta, it is as the forerunner to the rise of PSM Harmoni. PSM Harmoni is also often performed on official campus events such as Dies Natalis and Graduation Ceremony of STIE SBI Yogyakarta.